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Post by Maisiemoo »

It is with great sadness to inform you that Ripples granulated mast cell tumour has returned
He was diagnosed with this 5 years ago and it was removed and he has not had any symptoms of cancer since until recently
I noticed a lump just above the scar where his original op was - biopsy was taken and was informed that the cancer had returned and more aggressive than previously.
Junior vet wanted to operate and him to have chemo, I wasn't sure about this. Spoke to senior vet who has looked after Ripple the most over the years and advised against this.
We have decided, sadly, to go down the palliative route and to make him pain free and comfortable. Currently he is showing no symptoms of pain.
I know that some would do everything for their labs, and we would too. But you have to understand that Ripple is 11 and not a strong dog. The prognosis isn't good by even with op and chemo
We just want the best for him
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Re: Ripple

Post by labradora »

I am so sorry to read that Ripple's mast cell tumour has returned. You know him best, and your decision to give him palliative care is a compassionate and caring one. Treasure every day, and cuddle him close. :love2: :love2: .
Holding you and Ripple in my thoughts and prayers,
Linda, Breagha and Toby xxx
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Re: Ripple

Post by jackie »

Sorry to hear about Ripple, I would do the same as you and choose the palliative route. For dogs in a way it is easier for them as they don't have the psychological affect that we have when we have cancer - that worry and stress can really take its toll on humans but dogs live for today and don't worry about tomorrow.

Sending lots of healing thoughts and hugs, make everyday a happy and special day.

Jackie x
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Re: Ripple

Post by Liz5353 »

Just to say we are also thinking of you, yes it is a sad and difficult time.
I do know as I have a similar situation with Molly who is now 13.
We have to keep strong as hard as it is.
Sending love
Liz Molly Polly Raisin xx
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