Is a Labrador the right dog for you

Details of Labradors waiting for a new forever home

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Is a Labrador the right dog for you

Post by Glenys »

Is a Labrador for you ?
Post by Glenys » Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:44 pm

I have revamped this I wrote 12 years ago .

Choosing a Rescue dog for your Family.

In rescue we often get told that female Labradors are more faithful than males so when it was said again to me today I told the person that I disagreed and Male dogs can be just as if not more faithful and as with anything it depends on the nature of the dog.
In this day and age people have learned or been advised that it is much better to give a dog that is unwanted a home than buy a puppy which as both a rescue person and in the past a breeder of labs I feel qualified to comment on sadly some think a rescue dog should be a cheap dog that is certainly wrong, there are no cheap dogs as they will need insurance and routine vaccinations/worming etc. you should consider cost of feeding a good food and the need of daily exercise I can see both sides.
Some people wish to register to adopt and then dictate what they wish the “rescued” dog to be like which is ok if you are choosing male or female or colour but imagine how we feel here at rescue when we get a list of demands for instance must have big head, must be small,must have no bad habits,must not pull on the lead the list goes on and on.
If you want to do this my advice would do not apply to us .
I confess some years ago when I worked with a Lady known for her sharp tongue I used to think I would never end up like her but alas its happening! for instance the other day and this is true a Lady traveled to see a dog and said and I quote “ he isn’t as yellow as his picture “ well it was all down hill from then .I also have had people say he is smaller or bigger than the picture go on how do you tell a dogs size from the picture ? maybe just read my description instead.

When you register to adopt a dog we draw on our own expertise in helping you choose what we think would be an ideal dog in terms of age for instance if you are in senior years we would not really consider offering you an eight week old puppy now having said that we all know age is a state of mind you can get some middle aged that are no longer fit but it’s a thing to consider when choosing a dog will your dog outlive you? If the answer could be yes appoint a guardian for just that chance and certainly make your wishes known to you family.

Children: Here again we have some families who have young children who are respectful of animals but we have also met the kids from hell who would not be kind to a dog which is why we home check and / or Vet reference families because the way we see it these dogs have been rejected or given up once its our aim we can choose for them the home they truly deserve.

We are happy to talk to anyone and offer our advice regarding adoption but please remember the dogs needs will come first with you may have another dog it is most important the dogs get on in which case we will introduce the dogs here without pressure and a good indication of how they will get on will show itself here if there is a disaster at a later date we are a phone call away if we can help we will.

If you do decide in the end to buy a puppy always go to a good recommended breeder through a Kennel Club Breeder information be prepared to wait for the right puppy never impulse buy you will probably live to regret it.
There is something nice about choosing a puppy and visiting that pup and choosing a name if that’s what you wish to do the average price now for a well bred pup from health tested parents can set you back eight hundred pounds probably more a word of caution do not go for a full working bred dog if you are not able to deal with a very active dog who needs to work or at least get a very active life and may be more intelligent than a human .

I hope to do more similar writings in the next few weeks to help people to know how our rescue works and if a rescue dog is right for them we have a leaflet “Is Labrador for you” if you would like a copy I will gladly send it out to you.

Coordinators of rescue.
Please email one of the coordinators if you cannot get through on the phone stating CLEARLY the reason for your call only if you are approved

Gina (Homing Coordinator)
Telephone: 07572 438871 (Between 10am - 7pm
Katie tel 07484724282 email
Glenys 01257 452500 strictly 10.30 am to 6.30pm
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