Mr Happy

Another case of a dog with allergies that needed a special mom and dad who could give him that little extra to overcome his problems..

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Re: Mr Happy

Post by JoanG »

So pleased to see Sam going off to his new home, everyone involved with his care at Rescue has done a fantastic job, he really does look happy. He is such a stunning looking dog and I know he will settle in with his new family really quickly.

Well done everyone :1944: :1941:
Joan and George x
Diesel Kate
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Re: Mr Happy

Post by Diesel Kate »

Wonderful what a difference in him. Good luck Sam in your new life. :1971: :1971: Please keep in touch.
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Re: Mr Happy

Post by Melliott »

Good luck Sam, looking forward to seeing some pics of you in your new home.

Love Michelle X
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Re: Mr Happy

Post by gillyb »

What lovely pictures, he looks so much happier. I am sure he will be very happy in his new home.

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Re: Mr Happy

Post by radar ears »

Just to let you know, that after setting off from Glenys' at 10.10am this morning, we finally arrived home, outside the house at 9.35pm !

Sam was so good, he just lay down and went to sleep or he may have had "one ear open" !

Every now and then he got up, turned around and went off to sleep again, not a murmur.

He's now inspected all the house, I want to go to bed, but he's well awake, probably slept too blooming much !

I'll keep you updated on his progress.


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Re: Mr Happy

Post by Aileen »

Great news, Jill, thanks for letting us know you have all arrived home safely. :1945: Look forward to more updates. :1944: :1944:
Aileen xx

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Re: Mr Happy

Post by baileysmum »

Well done Sam, so pleased to see you off to your new forever home, and well done Jill for giving him this chance.

He is a handsome chap.

What a great outcome for all of you. :1954:
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Re: Mr Happy

Post by Glenys »

Great News looking forward to updates
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