Jet - An Update

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Jet - An Update

Post by baileysmum »

Jet has now been with rescue for her 28 days now and they were up on Saturday, despite constant efforts by myself in contacting the two police stations on and off for the past four weeks. Leaving all the details with both Dog Wardens in the area that she was found, and of course the effort that Kathy made in making up posters to alert anyone that she had been found and putting her own contact number as well as rescues no-one has reported her lost or tried to claim her.

So she is allowed to be re-homed, we have also had her final check-up after her operation and all signs are good. We have had no problems whatsoever with relation to any post operation worries.

I originally rang Glenys to offer to look after Jet until her owners came forward thinking that she would be with me for a couple of days at the most as I am sure someone would be missing her. At the time she came into rescue they were extremely busy and kennel space was getting short. After a couple of days and no reports we came to the conclusion that she could have been “dumped”.

Glenys and Rescue once again step in and we get her eyes checked out and realise that possibly this is the reason she was “dumped” full attack on the money raising front and as usual we all step up to the bar. A dog is in need of help and we back Rescue all the way, not only forum members but other people have gone out of their way to help. To my vet who waivered the initial consult fee, and referred her to a specialist, Rutland House who also have been amazing with discounts and some treatments free, my friends and family who donated a £1, to Ian for picking up the “Pound for a Hound” appeal and working his magic, to each and everyone of you who got behind the appeal and appealed to friends and relatives for their £1’s, to Rescue forum members who donated more that a £1, to the little old lady who won a small amount on the lottery, to the Yamaha dealership in Stafford who also picked up the appeal and put it on their website. How amazing can people be and all this started with just ONE person, that’s all it takes to set off a chain of events that can change a little dog’s life, ONE person was there at the right place and at the right time and its Kathy that set off this chain of events that has been so incredible, that one person lead to another and another and another so TOGETHER we can do amazing things and Jet’s story proves this.

On Sunday as the weather was nice we decided to go off to the seaside but also meet two really special people, that will hopefully by really special people in Jet’s life, and its official Jet now has a new Mum and Dad if you click the link below you may get to see Jet’s new Mum I think Dad was a little too shy.

Now can you all guess who could possibly be Jet’s new Mum ??????????? :love5:

Without Rescue to help ……….God only knows ... kin_id=601
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Seamusmum »

Leaky eyes here.

She is adorable :love5:

Congratulations Jet and your new mummy and daddy. May you have a wonderful adventure together :love6:

Hugs for you Karen, Neil and Bailey too. :love3:

A remarkable story and so wonderful for it to have a happy ending. :1954: :bounce:
Katie xx
Diesel Kate
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Diesel Kate »

I know who it is, I knew a couple of weeks ago, not sure it it was before they new, but I felt it in my bones that she would be going to a very good home.

It has got to be Mr Bumpys Mum and Dad. Am I right?
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Glenys »

Another lovely happy ending that is such a lovely slideshow I do hope Bailey will still visit they looked to be having such a wonderful time in the sea he will miss his little house guest.
Well done everyone for the part they played in this another rescue success story.
How wonderful to see Jet soon to be Jess having so much fun lets not forget she is blind in one eye and very little site in the other its totally moving to watch her having funjust goes to show the power of love and happiness

Not telling who the new Mum is :lol: lets just say one broken heart now mended :thumbright: :thumbright:
New Mum will be revealed :hello1:

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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by janhind »

What a lovely video, i'm leaking here too. its great to see her looking so happy, bailey is certainly going to miss her, it just goes to show that her sight isnt going to hold her back at all. such a happy ending, good luck jess i.m sure you have a very happy future ahead.

jan xx
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Blakey »

Oh bless her - she looks to be having the time of her life and YES, I know who her new mummy and daddy are too.

She's going to have the best life ever - :1972: :1973: :1972: :1973: :1972: :1973:



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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by JoanG »

Well that video has brought tears to my eyes, what a lovely happy girl she is :love5: . Well done everyone at Rescue she would probably have been pts if she hadn't been lucky enough to come to you.

Sometimes this site is so annoying :1961: :1970: - I don't know who her new mum and dad is! but I do hope it's who I'm thinking. She'll have a wonderful life now BUT I will have to keep logging on just to confirm my suspicions. :1970: No jobs done here today then. :1963:

Joan x
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by kathryn »

Lovely many thanks to Karen & Neil once again for putting in the hard work involved and helping Jet...know the beach, :wink: but no saying anything yet...
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by tosca100 »

Glad there's no-one here, blubbing like a baby.....must be this stinking cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so pleased Jet/Jess has a wonderful new home, if any dog deserves it she does.

Doesn't that video warm your heart?

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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by jackiem »

Buckets of tears here! Well done to all involved in helping this lovely girl and congratulations to her new mum and dad whoever they are.
Mad Maisie

Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Mad Maisie »

:love5: :love5: :love5: She is one gorgeous girl and won't Bailey miss her - Bless Him.

Tears here also and I am supposed to be working!!!! One of the surveyors has just come in a give me a funny look!!!!!

Who is the new mum and dad???????

Gill, Meg and Maisie

:love2: :love2: :love2:
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by lab_lover »

I can't view the video at work.. :(

Can't wait to get home and see it :1961:

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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by triomum »

Two very happy dogs and so lovely to set Jet/Jess enjoying herself!

If I'm following the clues correctly, I think I know who her new mum and dad is but then I was never very good at Cluedo so I'm probably completely wrong!! Will have to wait to they let us know - just hope it's soon!!! :2090: :2090:

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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Ann Mee »

Also sat here with leaking eyes must be the sealer the driveway chaps have put on my new driveway - it stinks! What a wonderful video of Jet & Bailey don't they look great together, and having so much fun. She's gorgeous :love5: and so is Bailey :love5: . Everyone has done a superb job of rallying round to help this girl, including Neil, Karen & Bailey who have welcomed her into their home with loads of TLC. Good luck to Jet and her new Mum & Dad, can't wait to find out who it is :2090: :2090:

Ann x
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by carolb »

Many, many thanks to Karen and Neil for all that you have done for Jet. :love3: :love3:
And best of luck to her new Mum and Dad, who I am sure will be along shortly to put you all out of your misery and make an announcement :wink:
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