Jet - An Update

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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Lins »

Thanks again to you from us for looking after Jet/Jess. You have all done a wonderful job.

I have a sneaky feeling I know who her mum might be. I do hope I'm right. Can't wait to find out. I must admit, I didn't have tears in my eyes watching the video, just a silly smile wiped all over my face. :1962: It made me happy to see her sooooo happy. :love5:

Come on, put us all out of our misery, let us know who you are. I don't have much time tonight, and I would like to get a good nights sleep. Please - pretty please. :wink:
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by geddes »

The cold air is playing havoc with my eyes, I am so pleased,she will give love,
& get love in return.
lots of love to her new mum & Dad
A big thank you to every concerned
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by arlyj »

an amazing video of a very, very special little girl :1973:

cannot wait until the identity of her new family is revealed, in the meantime thank you once again to all concerned in giving Jess a chance to find love and happiness

Arlyn x
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by andyb »

Wonderful video there is nothing like dogs in water :thumbright:
and i am not leaking, i'm a big brave man :1973: ok maybe a little
good luck jet/jess :love5:
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Re: Jet - An Update

Post by Melliott »

Fabulous, this girl is truly an inspiration, she is so amazing. Big thanks to Karen, Neil and Bailey who have given her love, care and attention and the best new start she could have had. Now it's the beginning of a whole new fabulous life ahead of her, I hope her new mum and dad are who I think they are, but whoever they are they have a truly wonderful girl to share their lives with.

Look forward to the announcement and many more updates.

Lots of Love Michelle X
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