Important Information - Contacting the Rescue

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Important Information - Contacting the Rescue

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If you need to contact the rescue, either ring the numbers below or email If you email and need to speak to someone, please put Callback request in the subject line of the email and provide your name, address, contact number(preferrably a landline to save cost) and a brief details of your enquiry. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Contact numbers to use are:
Glenys: 01257 452500
Gina: 07572 438871

Calls are only taken between 10am and 7pm (Unless in emergency)

The Rescue is closed on Wednesday.

We make appointements between 12 noon and 5 pm, you will be given an appointment once you have been approved (by having a homecheck or a vet reference,) for you to see the dog you are intrested in.You will be given an allotted time please try and keep to this time, as we are all volunteers, if you do arrive early your volunteer my not be yet available to meet you, so if you think you may be delayed or lost then please call the volunteer on the number given to you by them,this will help to keep the appointments running smoothly,also weekends can get very busy, and sometimes if people are delayed by traffic etc, it can have a knock on effect with appointments.

When contacting us, if we are unable to take your call, please leave a message with only ONE of the team so that we only have one person trying to deal with your enquiry.

Could you also please note - the rescue phone bills are averaging £500 a quarter at the moment due to the number of mobile phones we are having to return calls to. Unless you require an urgent response, please leave us your landline number as this will help reduce the bills.