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Dogs we support

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There are certain dogs who need special medical needs here is a list we regularly fund if anyone would like to sponsor all or particular dog by kind donation please contact us .
Most of the dogs are featured on this site

Paisley is blind he has had many surgeries related to his eyes over many years he remains happy with His family
sadly Paisley has no eyes now but lives a wonderful life with Dawn always a happy boy with wagging tail and now has a new friend a rescued Cat who snuggles up with him.

Star who came in rescue in the lockdown had also needed surgery including dental work and regular medication
she is now 12 years old with Roy and Family

Jem who has had her cataracts successfully removed after years of treatment she was finally considered a good candidate for the surgery

Connie who came in with horrific injuries as we think she was a bait dog he whole body was covered in terrible bites she continues to improve and has recently been spayed living happily ever after with Jennifer and family ( Connie's story is on this site )

Sophie who has had lots of veterinary support she is now having Hydro therapy was lovingly fostered by our own colleague Lisa who was with her through the darkest times and now loved again and is with Masie

Duke who had the most awful skin allergies now we funded his initial tests ,his immunotherapy monthly vaccination

Jamie a wonderful oldie who is a new one to us through bereavement he is in full time foster with David and Mark he gave us all a scare and was in care this weekend but now home he will be monitored by the vets

Last year our veterinary costs were almost thirty thousand pounds to receive our newsletter or support in any way please contact us we all so grateful

Glenys or any of the team on the contact us page

Thank you for reading
Glenys Fryer(Coordinator)


Gina Boyd(Coordinator)
Telephone: 07572 438871 (Available Between 10am - 7pm)

Carole Fairhurst(General Enquiries)
Telephone: 07377 215996 (Available Calls between 10am to 5)

Lin Jackson(General enquiries)
Telephone: 07507 646082 (Available Calls between 10am to 5)
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