Night Night Bonnie

Remember your beloved friend at this special time of year

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Night Night Bonnie

Post by Liz5353 »

On Monday evening August 26th we had to say goodbye to beautiful Bonnie,
6 weeks after Shelly.
Our two older girls are a huge miss.
Bonnie has not been so well for quite some time but she was a strong determined girl and has battled on against the odds, but on Monday she could not stand up.
Our vet came to our home and I held her until the end and her Dad at her other side.
We love you Bonnie and beautiful Shelly.
Sleep tight girls and run together at Rainbow Bridge.
Much love Dad Mum Molly Polly xxxx
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by autumndays »

So sorry for your loss Liz.

Thinking of you. :love3:

Paul and Skye
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by JoanG »

Oh Liz I’ve only just seen this and I’m so sorry to learn that you have had to say goodbye to your beautiful Bonnie especially as it’s so soon after dear Shelly. My heart goes out to you both and to your two girls who must also miss their sisters so much.

I’ve always had a soft spot for your girls and I’ll never forget them sending my Gorgeous George a little present when you posted a parcel to me, it was so kind of you. I sincerely hope all your happy memories will bring you some comfort in the weeks to come. Nothing but time can ease the grief we feel at these times but what wonderful lives they had with you and nothing can take those times away from you.

Take care and run free with your sister dear Bonnie :love2: :love3:
Joan and George x
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by LabLover »

Liz, my heart goes out to you both, as I know how devastated you both must be to now having also lost your beloved Bonnie and so soon after losing your other beloved girl Shelly.

I know the pain must be unbearable but hopefully in time you will be able look back and smile at the beautiful memories both your girls have left you with and always remember the wonderful life you gave them both as they couldn’t have been more loved or cherished.

Please give Molly and Polly a :bighug: as they must also be grieving for their sisters.

Thinking of you all at this sad time :love3:

Run free Bonnie reunited once again with your sister Shelly :love2:

Amanda Jim & Fynley xxx

Remembering our beloved boys Milo, Little Max & Zak who forever will always be in our hearts and never forgotten Feb 2003 to May 2016, Jan 2010 to Jun 2017 & Nov 2004 to Nov 2017.
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by 12_paws »

Liz, I'm so very sorry that you have had to say goodnight to your beautiful Bonnie, I really feel for you especially as you have so recently lost lovely Shelly....such special girls.
Ten years ago I said goodnight to my first Labs, Zak and Kobe, within six weeks of each other......they were thirteen and fourteen and had lived well but that didn't help the pain at the time and I know Max missed them too.
I can only say I truly hope that time and your special memories of your girls will bring you some comfort.
Sleep tight Bonnie :love2:
Thinking of you all,
Des x
Des x

Desley and Finn
Harley & Diesel, safe in my heart
Cathy H
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by Cathy H »

So sorry to hear of your second loss in such a short time. It must be so hard for you all. Have some quite times as a family. Maybe enjoy some favorite walks together and help each other greave by remembering the joy both your old girls gave you..

Bonnie sounds like a brave lovely and much loved girl.

Love to you all. It will get easier,

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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by coco-bean »

Liz and Micheal

So heartbroken to hear of your sad loss, I know what your girls mean to you.

Run free sweet Bonnie with your beautiful sisters :love2:

Love to you all
Debbie, Coco, Kinder & Buttons XXX

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend..... Never owned a Labrador or three
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by Glenys »

It was so sad the loss of Beautiful Bonnie so soon after Beloved Shelly I am certain they will be watching over you Liz what a wonderful life they had and I really believe with all my heart our beloved dogs never really leave us .
Forever in our hearts xxxx
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by jackie »

My heart goes out to you, it is such a heartbreaking time it must be particularly difficult having only recently lost Shelly. Thinking of you all, run free Bonnie sweetheart.

Jackie x
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Re: Night Night Bonnie

Post by mollymunch »

So sorry to hear about the loss of your gorgeous girl Bonnie, Liz.

Sending hugs and thinking of you
Alison x
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