Labrador Rescue(North West Area)

"Where every Labrador counts"

About Labrador Rescue.

Labrador Rescue has been set up to try and help all Labradors who have had the misfortune to become destitute, unwanted and homeless through no fault of their own.

These unfortunate dogs come from broken homes or their owners cannot provide for them with the total commitment they need. This can be due to reasons such as Redundancy, Ill Health, Divorce, Change of Circumstances etc.

Labrador Rescue was founded in June 1995 by the Co-ordinator, Glenys Fryer. It was set up to try and help Labradors that had had the misfortune to become unwanted and homeless through no fault of their own. In the North we have many puppy farming establishments and large puppy selling outlets which sell to anyone who has the cash to pay for a pup regardless of what kind of home the owner will provide, often the little pup soon becomes a nuisance and is discarded with the same lack of thought with which he/she was bought.

During the early years of Labrador Rescue, dogs were housed at a boarding kennels which involved a 44 mile round journey, often up to 5 times in some weeks which provided costly and time consuming. In 2003 the rescue moved to Malt Kiln Farm and 6 dedicated kennels were provided so that the dogs could be housed and cared for to a high standard and assessed whilst a suitable home is found. Due to the large volume of dogs needing our help, the number of kennels is currently being increased to 8 thanks to the generous donations from friends and supporters of the rescue.

We always offer full backup and support to new adopters and we always accept the dog back should the need arise during the dogs life.

So why do Labradors need rescuing and why so many you may ask? In 2010 approximately 44,000 Labradors were registered by breeders with The Kennel Club. This figure does not take into account breeders who don’t register and of course, the puppy farmers, that only breed for money, and do not take into account temperament or improvement of the breed. As far as other groups were concerned more Labradors were registered in 2010 than any other breed. So as trends follow and Labradors still become victims of their massive popularity we will no doubt see more rising figures, and so it is imperative our Rescue work continues.

Since Labrador Rescue was founded in 1995 the number of Labradors rehomed each year has steadily risen. In 2012 we re-homed over 500 Labradors. We feel this numner will continue to rise due to the current economic climate and the changes this will bring to peoples lives.

The Rescue is run by volunteers and the Rescue is funded by the kindness of supporters who are “Friends of the Labrador Rescue”. We have a monthly standing order scheme where from £4 a month, just a pound a week we can continue our work. We also receive donations from individuals and carry out various fundraising activities throuhgout the year. Any donations and gifts received are used solely for the care and rehoming of the Labradors we seek to help. Every amount, no matter how large or small is very much appreciated and makes a difference to those we help.


If you have supported the rescue in any way, may we take this opportunity to thank you.