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Dogs needing a forever home.

The dogs listed below need a new forever home.

Please only contact the rescue about the dogs if you have already applied to adopt from us, you have spoken to one of the rescue coordinators and your application has been approved.

We do not rehome a dog to a home where there are children under 5 years fo age either in the home or visiting regularly.

Ollie (Rehomed )

Age: 10 Months Old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Ollie:

This is Ollie he is ten months old. He has not had much socialisation and is lacking in confidence. He needs an understanding home. He is full working pedigree, quite a tall slim dog. He has no experience with children or dogs but he will be tested under assessment at our Cumbria location with Katie. Ollie is atypical energetic Labrador. He needs a great home to learn and grow in confidence.



Henry (Rehomed )

Age: 11 Months Old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Henry:

Currently at our Cumbria location Henry is in need of training as he is quite boisterous. Henry needs an experienced home with no young children.



Fudge (Rehomed )

Age: 2 Years Old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Fudge:

Fudge came in a worrying state being kept in a shed and with terrible flea / parasite infestation. Fudge is two years old. He has been with Katie and every day there is a vast improvement. We are looking for a forever home for him as he had little or no socialisation but he has made good and steady progress everything has been new to him . Fudge needs: A home with no male dogs he has had new experience with female dogs He needs to have ongoing medication till things improve He needs Neutering but not till his medication is finished Also needs a home without small children as he is not used to them yet He does likes cats and has lived with them



Poppy (Rehomed )

Age: 11 Years Old

Sex: Female

Location: Other

About Poppy:

This is Poppy she is looking for a twightlight home or foster. She has lived with dogs and children but not with cats. Can someone make her last years extra special?



Max (Rehomed )

Age: 12 years Old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Max:

Max 12 years young. Up for adoption following a bereavement. Lived with children. Not lived with cats or other dogs but is believed to be fine around other dogs. Max is a big strong dog and despite his age will pull on the lead, please bear this in mind if enquiring about him



Monty (Rehomed )

Age: 9 months Old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Monty:

Monty Labrador Cross has had two homes in his young life so is looking for a forever home. The lady that cared for him prior to coming to rescue wants him to go to a special home so he came to us to find one. At nine month's we still class him as a pup good natured an friendly great with other dogs and cats but is a typical very lively pup. he is now under assessment available for adoption to people on our approved lists. Please not monty is smaller than your average lab and won't be full lab size when fully grown



Flo (Rehomed )

Age: 6 Months Old

Sex: Female

Location: South Cumbria

About Flo:

*we have been inundated with interest for Flo its taken yesterday evening and this morning to go through the applications we have now chosen someone and she has a visit later thank you all those that have shown an interest and apologises if we haven't been able to get back to you* Flo is still very much a puppy and needs an active home with lots to do. She is a lovely sweet girl who is in rescue due to a change in owners circumstances and would benefit from some training. She is used to other dogs and has lived with cats. She is used to children but a home without young children would be best as she jumps up. Flo would need spaying at the right time. Please not Flo is a bouncy puppy with lots of energy that jumps up and she is strong on the lead. Please only enquire if you are prepared to cope with these issues.



Hugo (Rehomed )

Age: 5 years old

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Hugo:

**PLEASE READ** Hi my name is Hugo I'm 5 years old and I'm currently in rescue in Cumbria with Katie and Mark. I'm from working lines and have lots of energy, I have previously worked as a gundog. I can get quite worried and some things scare me but as long as you don't put pressure on me I'm OK. I don't like other dogs but I am OK to be around female dogs on the lead at a distance so I would like to live as the only dog. I'm used to living in a kennel outside but I can live inside and I am house trained. I sometimes don't like moving from where I'm lying into other rooms if there's something that is frightening to me, if I'm pushed it really scares me so please don't. I really like treats and come when called, I know sit and heel, I'm not too strong on the lead. I need a patient owner who is going to let me be a dog but let me come to you in my own time, I don't like too much fuss. I can't live with children or be in a home where there are visiting children. I like cats and could live with them and I'm neutered. I like Katie and Mark but would love my forever home in time for Christmas. Can someone give me a second chance?



Saxon (Rehomed )

Age: 9 months

Sex: Male

Location: South Cumbria

About Saxon:

Saxin is extremely energetic, strong and lively. Please only apply if you are prepared to deal with an energetic labrador that needs training. He cant live with children or cats but is ok with other dogs. Nice labrador needing someone with time, patience and understanding.